Why is the MPPT Solar Controller so popular!

With the development of solar photovoltaic technology, today's MPPT Solar Controller has become one of the most sought after objects, mppt controller is to the maximum power point tracking technology to charge the battery, charging effect can be increased by about 30%.


Here's a look at the capabilities of the MPPT Solar controller.

Features of the MPPT Solar Controller:

1, 12v/24v system automatic adaptation, save time more assured.

2, the maximum power point tracking speed, while ensuring tracking efficiency.

3, MPPT maximum power tracking technology charging, DC-DC conversion efficiency 98%.

4, battery selection, lead-acid batteries, seals, openings, colloidal batteries, lithium batteries, battery types.

5, load operating mode: pure light control, optical control + time control, real-time controls, manual mode and other working modes.

6, the use of aluminum profile heat dissipation shell, excellent heat dissipation characteristics.

7, with load output function, with over-release, overload, short-circuit protection function. 8, fully automatic unattended charging.

It has overload, overheating and reverse current protection.

9, with real-time power statistics recording function, comprehensive electronic protection function, no need to worry.


10, ultra-wide range of working ambient temperature, in the -40℃~+60℃ temperature zone does not reduce capacity full load continuous operation. Solar controllers are at the heart of solar photovoltaic systems, and as people demand more and more, many ordinary solar controllers are now unable to meet these needs.


And the MPPT Solar Controller was born to meet these needs, which is one of the reasons why the MPPT controller is popular. Do you think you have learned something new, the above is the function of the MPPT Solar Controller, although some manufacturers may produce points of difference, but basically not many, so do not worry too much.

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