Ampinvt Off-Grid solar  System  FEATURES

Ampinvt Off-Grid solar System FEATURES

Stronger input and load ability

DC/AC Stable input

Support 3 times peak power

Output power factor up to 99%


1. AC/Line priority mode -- always use ac power as priority input, provide ac output, and automatically charge the battery.

2. Battery priority mode -- Priority should be given to battery power supply. After low voltage protection, the battery will be transferred to market power supply. When the battery is full, the battery will be transferred back to battery power.

3. ECO Mode---Load < 10% automatic sleep and stop output, load > 10% automatic boot back to normal inversion.

4. Generator mode -- use unstable generator 240V to generate power, access the inverter AC input, through the inverter AVR regulator, automatic matching 60HZ municipal frequency, output voltage regulator in the normal operating range.

5. Unattended Mode---When the battery is low voltage, the inverter goes into standby state(Power saving state). When the battery restores the voltage value set by yourself (such as solar charging), the inverter will restore the normal output of the inverter, and realize unattended full automatic operation!


Higher system efficiency

Self-consumption power only 10W

The max. efficiency up to 99%

Supports multiple operation features
  • a combination of an inverter:battery charger and AC auto-transfer switch.
  • Complete isolate surge interference of input & output's voltage 
  • current, Impact resistance
  • super load capacity
  • built-in AVR stabilizer, continuous stable pure sine wave output
  • Battery type setting choose : SLA / AGM / GEL / Li-ion battery & Customize. Support lifep04 AGM Flooded Lithium, Sealed, Gel, and Flooded Batteries. 


Multiple input power sources available

Support multiple power sources, such as PV, battery, diesel generator and utility

Compatible with Lithium,Lead-acid and GEL batteries

Intelligent management operating system

Support RS485 WiFi and remote control panel  for remote monitoring

Having its own APP management system

Having charging and output control

Equalization charging to extend lead-acid battery lifespan


Diverse protection function
Several Protections: Battery low voltage alarm / Battery high voltage alarm / Over temperature protection / Over load protection / Short Circuit protection.

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