How the inverter should be selected

Inverter main Technical indicators are the existence of three aspects, one is the current, one is the output power factor, the last is the input voltage inside and so on, we can pass on their own inverter products are able to compare the parameters.

The capacity of the equipment inside the project is very sufficient, if you choose a single capacity of the larger inverter, is prone to a lot of faults, power generation system in the loss of power is very large, the choice of capacity is relatively small some inverter, will use a lot of equipment, but also will increase the number of maintenance in the later period. To consider from all aspects is to choose something that is more efficient and more powerful to consider. Centralized inverter is the main characteristic is the power of a single machine is relatively large, now the main memory of the domestic is 500kw is the main, a lot of the United States is the mainstream of a power, their integration is also constantly improving, a German company this year is also out of the power of a single machine.

According to the circuit structure inside is can be divided into the following two types. Now most of them are medium-sized things, in the global photovoltaic power station, the choice ratio of more than 98%, through the comparison is to carry out data maintenance in the power station, the loss of electricity generation or comparison, because the type inside is the full maintenance, centralized things can be carried out during the maintenance , the cost of equipment still has a very large advantage, and in large-scale power stations, is to be replaced on a regular basis, maintenance personnel on the road will be more time than when equipped.


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