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In this blog, we will be talking about what makes an MPPT solar charge controller a good option and discuss its efficiency at managing the amount of solar energy it transforms into a clean and sustainable charge your battery deserves. We’ll briefly go over what an MPPT controller is, how it utilizes efficient methods, and what it’s most commonly used for. So, keeping on reading to learn what makes an MPPT solar charge controller so popular and the preferred choice.

MPPT stands for Maximum Power Point Tracking. What this means is that the charge controller monitors the solar panel and determines the maximum power point voltage for the current conditions. By doing so, this DC-DC converter maximizes the efficiency of a solar panel system. MPPT solar charge controllers are recommended to be used on high-energy panels, usually when you have 2 or more panels in your array.

Over the course of a day, you may not always get the most direct and powerful sunlight, which is when the MPPT solar charge controller shines. It continuously sweeps and tracks how much energy the panels are pulling in and then searches for the “sweet spot”, or most optimal power point the entire time it’s hooked up to your panel, so it can deliver the charge to your battery more efficiently. MPPT controllers also have different charging stages, depending on what you need for your battery.

Most will consist of MPPT, Float, and Equalize stages. We’ve already covered what MPPT does, now let’s go over what the rest do.

Our controller is a step-down and current boosting charger. When the battery voltage is charged to a voltage close to full charge, it will switch to a float charging state, reducing the charging current and preventing overcharging.

Speaking of batteries, our MPPT solar charge controllers are compatible with many different types of batteries ranging from AGM, Lithium, Sealed, Flooded, and so much more. This adds to the versatility of an MPPT solar charge controller making it well-rounded and highly adaptable.

With the help of such practical yet advanced solar technology, an MPPT solar charge controller is a great addition to any solar system. It could be used on Marine Vessels, RVs, Van Conversions and so much more!

To learn more about our MPPT Charge Controllers, head on over to our website, go to our product page, and browse our MPPT Collection under “MPPT Solar Charge Controllers”.

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