What is a solar inverter and what are the main functions?

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Solar inverter is a solar power system used to adjust the power supply, adjust the power of the equipment.

Whether the solar system is functioning properly and the solar inverter plays a decisive role, all stores with solar panels need to be treated with inverters to turn external output into alternating electricity for home use. General solar panels will be stored in the battery after converting solar energy into electrical energy, but the store electricity stored in the battery is generally direct current, but we often use the power is alternating current, solar inverter can convert these DC electricity into a stable, supply of alternating current, for the home and industry equipment functions.

The group of solar inverters is relatively complex and the circuit layout is very complex, both in the purchase and installation process need to find professionals to consult. Now most of the solar inverters are external, solar power systems, home solar systems, the external inverter price is relatively cheap. However, some power generation systems and power generation equipment, in order to aesthetic requirements, will be the inverter placed on the equipment, this type of power generation equipment will generally be slightly higher prices. Now there are many types of inverters, in addition to the current control, once there is any problem with the supply of electrical appliances, the solar controller will need to adjust the inverter, equipment power outage, in order to facilitate the maintenance of the recess. The operation of solar power equipment stop and pause, power regulation and so on need to use solar inverter, through the solar inverter can also be detected, solar power when the current size of the current stability, voltage size and voltage stability, in general, it is the key part of the solar system.

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